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31 DECEMBER 2012

Friday, 10 December 2010

I dun noe wat to say...
but I can feel dat smthng wrong with our relationship.
I can't take it. I tried to not listened to them. I noe we're still good rite?!
Please, I dun wanna hear all those thing. I noe I'm the one who started it. We should happy rite now. I'm sorry...I'm just a human who do make mistakes. Please, dun make me like dis. I'm in misery. Our condition rite now, I just dun noe,,,can we be like we used to?
I'm sorry, ur making me so damned crazy. I noe I noe dats all my fault. I would do anything for you. Just dun make me feel like dis. I'm asking you to forgive and build our relationship back. I tried to risk everything just for you. Enough saying goodbye to me, I afraid I'll lose you...for a second time. Why do you act like dat?! Come on, tell me the truth. So dat I noe how you felt. This is just not fair for you, for us. it hard for you my dear?!
Again, I'm so sorry...